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The history of the American independent film movement in the early nineties can not be mentioned without the contributions of Nichol Moon Entertainment and founding members Michael Philip & Jo Marr. The emergence of films like Reservoir Dogs and Sex, Lies & Videotape are credited as being the spark of the indie wave of the early 90’s coming out of Sundance. This set off the indie tidal wave out of Los Angeles, San Francisco & New York. Nichol Moon was created as a hub for independent filmmakers who had no infrastructure of their own to make their passion projects. Leveraging this buying power, Philip & Marr brokered exceptional deals with local vendors & services providers and shared it with burgeoning producers & directors so that budgets could be met.

Films such as Doug Liman’s Swingers, Christopher Munch‘s Color of a Brisk and Leaping Day, Lawrence Guterman’s Headless & Greg Araki’s Doom Generation & Totally F***ked Up, just to name a few of the hundreds of films, documentaries, music videos, commercials and PSA’s, have flowed through the company.

With the oncoming tidal wave of the internet in the early 90’s, Philip & Marr saw the opportunity of technology and entertainment converging and were on the forefront of making industry information available online by creating Emoon, the first online Entertainment Directory that listed all film related crew, vendors and services available in North America.

At that time, the company was also instrumental in establishing major vendors and service providers online presence by educating and informing as well as building their websites and designing their online presence, marketing strategies and assets.

Subsequently the founders have been invited guests on many speaking panels and conferences at film festivals and markets, including Slam Dance, Austin & SXSW.

Having consulted on hundreds of projects over the years, Philip & Marr were able to establish relationships with directors, writers & producers that have proliferated into creatively collaborating on future projects and are still active to this day.

Philip on a separate venture co-founded banana vision, a company that conceived of and created websites, interactive media and digital assets. From those first convergences of media and technology have derived many opportunities since for new business development and partnership alliances. But no matter how much the technology changes, Philip and Marr still believe in old school attributes of dependability, reliability and accountability. That is the foundation that this company was built on and why the business partnership of Philip & Marr has lasted 20 years.

We are artists at heart and as such work from that place. The project and their creators come first. This is a constantly evolving business in all stages from conception, financing, production, post, and distribution. We do our best to stay on the forefront of all these technologies.



Regardless of what stage in the process you are in, we can provide the services required to realize your project. There are a number of ways we can approach this. There is always work to be done and we can provide one or all of our services on a project-by-project basis.

Financing: After analyzing your project budget and specific needs, we can secure financing through our network with private equity, tax credit and pre sale financing contacts.

Pre-Sales: We can connect you with a Foreign Sales company whose mandate your project fits and together can take your project to market in order to promote and pre-sell to secure financing.

Budgets /Cash flows / Cost Reports: It is important to know the best place to shoot and how much it will cost. We can initiate a breakdown of your script and professionally budget it according to the location of choice.

Schedules: Before any project can be properly budgeted, a breakdown and schedule must be made to assess the amount of shooting days and determine all the other pertinent details living within each and every project.

Location Packages: We can assemble a location package that best fits your project needs, based on the script and references, in order to make an informed decision on the most sensible production options.

Pre Viz: Certain locations may need modification and or custom artwork must be created in order to present a visual representation of your project. This Pre-Viz is often the tipping point for investors and partners alike on green-lighting decisions.

Key Art / Concept Art: First Impressions are lasting and its imperative to have strong visual artwork in the early stages to convey the theme, tone and genre of the project. A great poster can attract talent, pre-sales & investors and creative and well thought out artwork conveys your confidence in the material and your marketing savvy.

Sizzle Reels: Now an integral component of any complete presentation, sizzle reels can demonstrate the visual style of the director as well as the tone and the genre of the film. Sizzle reels can generate pre-sales and attract talent and investors. These video demos should be given serious consideration when allocating presentation budgets.



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Fun Facts:
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Climate: Temperate, four distinct seasons, similar to northeastern USA
Capital: Budapest


Film Tiger North is a division of Film Tiger that provides Production, Postproduction & Visual Effects (VFX) services for feature film & television shoots in Northern Ontario. Make us your Northern Ontario Production partner. We offer all pre production, production and postproduction services for all you needs.

We can also arrange bridge financing, gap funding and other financial services for tax credits and other governmental grants and funds, at competitive rates that will allow you to get into production sooner and stay on schedule and on budget.


For submissions:. First send a query of your project with all pertinent information in a concise summary. We will contact you if there is interest to move to the next step.



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